The treasure of the Entente Cordiale®

More than a book, it's an adventure that awaits you with Le Trésor de l'Entente Cordiale . It only takes one key to take possession of it, but it is divided. One part is hidden in France and the other in the United Kingdom with a historic gold box as a gift from Edward VII to Emile Loubet to seal their Entente Cordiale agreement in 1904.

Clues and riddles, different for France and the United Kingdom, have been carefully scattered throughout the pages, allowing the most attentive readers to bring together the fragments of the key in order to unlock the crystal case that contains the treasure.

The book " Le Trésor de l'Entente Cordiale " allows you to search for the French cache and a second book, published in English under the title " The Golden Treasure of the Entente Cordiale" allows you to search for the English cache. With this, 7 tables including one specific for England and the Tale of the Edrei written by Pauline Deysson are the main elements for solving the puzzles.

As booty, a priceless treasure worth 750,000 euros and possessing 18K yellow gold.

This hunt should allow a new Entente Cordiale with a French then English winner as a reminder of the alliance between these two countries before.

As the actors of the Entente Cordiale knew how to unite the two countries, the reconstituted key will bring the golden box back to life, an immortal symbol of a rediscovered peace. Now it's up to you...

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure

How can you participate?

To participate in this hunt, 3 elements are necessary: ​​The adventurer's notebook, the specific hunting map and finally a book of riddles (the French book or the English book). By having these 3 elements, you have all the assets in your hands to be able to find the geodes!

  • Michael Becker

    Michel Becker started treasure hunting in 1993 with the book "Sur la Trace de la Chouette d'Or®", a treasure hunt for which he painted the illustrations and is the author of the hunting prize. He is the one who made the visuals for this hunt, and who unearthed the golden box!

  • stephen clarke

    Stephen Clarke, successful English historian and writer, offers in this work a detailed part of the history which led Emile Loubet and Edward VII to the creation of the Entente Cordiale. Specializing in Franco-British relations, he was immediately fascinated by hunting.

  • Vincenzo Bianca

    Vincenzo Bianca is a designer of creative projects as well as a game author. He is the author of more than 70 games, some of which have been made for large groups such as RTL or Dubai, and is one of the greatest specialists in treasure hunting in Europe.

  • Pauline Deysson

    A dreamlike novelist, Pauline is the author of a tale on the Entente Cordiale in which are hidden indications putting readers on the trail of the treasure.

    Analytical outlet, fantastic escape, philosophical quest, writing is second nature to her!