For our first scavenger hunt, we have created a worldwide scavenger hunt on the theme of French wine, history and heritage, named the Elixir d'Or. At stake ; the cellar worth 100,000 euros of the Comte de Saint-Germain, adventurer, alchemist, polyglot, spy and character reputed to be immortal from the 18th century. This cellar was made up of more than forty wine estates all over France, and is on display throughout the duration of the game at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, where the person declared the winner will be invited to a ceremony to hand over the prize! For non-oenologists, we would like to point out that the puzzles are accessible to everyone and do not require advanced knowledge of wine. No need to move, the 6 short puzzles can be solved from home, and their resolution indicates an extremely precise place in France where a chest is buried. The first person to dig in the right place and find this chest wins the cellar, and the game ends.

Hundreds of professionals from the world of wine are partners of the event, wine merchants, wine bars, escape games, estates that have contributed to the prize, media, associations. The game is waiting for you. Give in to the taste of the challenge, join the Elixir d'Or!

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