The concept

6 puzzles to solve, a cellar of 100,000 euros to win, only one winner.
The hunt for the Elixir d'Or is based on a proven model, an Anglo-Saxon concept called "Armchair Treasure Hunting". Players do not need to move from place to place to collect clues and fully solve the 6 puzzles that make up the game. The hunt thus puts all participants on an equal footing, whether they are in France, in Europe, or in the rest of the world. There will be only one move to make, the most important, the one that allows you to win the treasure, once everything is revealed...
The six puzzles of the game allow, by their resolution, to locate the very precise location of a chest buried in France. The first person to locate and dig up this box ends the game!
This is the model that has presided over contemporary treasure hunts; Masquerade, Forrest Fenn, or the Golden Owl. Model that we perpetuate for this new unprecedented hunt.



The Golden Elixir is a parchment containing 6 enigmas, written by the pen of the Count of Saint-Germain in his will. These are his last lines, dated the day of his death, February 27, 1784. A man in the shadows of the 18th century, at the same time musician, painter, diplomat, spy, adventurer, alchemist, and writer, he was deemed immortal. Legend attributes to him the discovery of the philosopher's stone, which in alchemy is called the Great Work. Versed in the occult, at least a triple agent on behalf of various European crowns, the character cultivated a mysterious image and a secret vocabulary throughout his (long) life. The 6 riddles of the Count allow, whoever solves them, to access his heritage. They offer its treasure, accumulated over more than a thousand years of existence, its cellar. The treasure thus also offers, for its winner, the secret of the Count's immortality...
Immerse yourself in the heart of history, the world of wine, esotericism, in a treasure hunt unlike any other, and try to be the first person to unravel the 6 mysteries that make up the Elixir Golden. You will need sagacity, knowledge, and perseverance, but the precious reward is worth it. Arm yourself with courage and wit: the Elixir d'Or is waiting for you!


The cellar to win

The Comte de Saint-Germain cellar is representative of the French vineyard. It includes bottles from all the major wine producing regions, the main grape varieties and appellations. Exceptional vintages rub shoulders with more discreet wines. The market value of the bottles is very varied, there are affordable wines and bottles worth several thousand euros, such as the Domus Maximus 2000 from Château Massamier la Mignarde, voted best wine in the world in 2005, Armagnac Garreau 1925 (oldest bottle in the cellar), or even Château Margaux 1er grand cru classé 1996. The cellar also includes wines that were served at the table of the kings of France, thanks to the participation of Château Labastide Orliac.

There are crus bourgeois, champagnes, sweet wines, reds, whites, rosés, and other spirits. All these bottles are stored in the prestigious Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte , in Nicolas Fouquet's wine cellar. The different bottles come from our partner estates who wanted to share their love of wine with as many people as possible through a fun and popular event.

The complete wine list of the Cellar will soon be made public. Our philosophy is to have a cellar that honors all the winegrowers' know-how spread throughout the territory, by finding prestigious wines, and by highlighting "nuggets" that amateurs and the curious will enjoy discovering. .