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Are you asking yourself these questions?

Do the solutions to the initial puzzles alone allow you to find the two caches?

Yes, but there are no “starter” puzzles, there are 9 French puzzles and 9 English puzzles in the book. Then there are elements to combine, solve or cross-check as the hunt progresses, a lot of questions, but no other puzzles that would appear in the course of the game.

Will the only trip to be made in each of the two countries be the one to discover the piece of the key?

Yes. The game has been designed with the greatest care to lead, in France as in the United Kingdom, to two very precise hiding places. This precision can only be achieved after solving the puzzles and it is useless to move around during the game since no intermediate verification is possible on the ground.

Which people exactly know the location of the two keys and are the solutions deposited with a bailiff?

These are not 2 keys, but fragments of a geode which must be assembled in the ring of the key to make it functional. We cannot, for obvious confidentiality reasons, tell you who knows what. But be aware that the solutions are kept in a sealed envelope and in a safe place. Arrangements have been made to ensure that they remain on duty until the end of the game, even in the event of the disappearance of the organizers.

What is the Adventurer's Notebook?

PDF document including essential riddles for hunting as well as your unique user number.