Guardians of Legends

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Guardians of Legends is an immersive game that invites you to go in search of many treasures and will make you discover many legends! Play with your friends, try to discover their secrets... but be sure to protect yours! Discover unexpected places or unexplored lands and, above all, have fun! Thanks to the board game Guardians of Legends, take part in a real treasure hunt!

Guardians of Legends is an immersive game that will take you far beyond its box. An authentic treasure worth €210,000, hidden somewhere in the world, is waiting to be discovered! Collect the clues, solve the puzzles and try to find this unique and legendary work!

A treasure worth 210,000 euros!

The treasure is a work of art worth €210,000, designed especially for the game Guardians of Legends.
A pure 24-carat gold egg, set with nearly 600 precious stones – including a majority of diamonds – forged by Liège jewelers Olivier Gangi and Cédric Sansen, who occasionally work for the royal couple.


How to participate ?

No need to set out to conquer the treasure, shovel in hand and without play.
A unique code on each box allows you to participate in the hunt. Finally, the golden egg will be exhibited in a museum in Liège during the hunt. You just have to find the wooden chest. Bonus: your trip to the vault will be reimbursed by Lubee.