Entente Cordiale


More than a book, it's an adventure that awaits you with the Entente Cordiale. It only takes one key to take possession of it, but it is divided. One part is concealed in France and the other in the United Kingdom.

A book containing nine illustrated puzzles is published in French under the title "Le Trésor de l'Entente Cordiale" and allows you to search for the French cache. A second book, published in English under the title "The Golden Treasure of the Entente Cordiale" allows you to search for the English cache.

Clues and riddles, different for France and the United Kingdom, have been carefully scattered throughout the pages, allowing the most attentive readers to bring together the fragments of the key in order to unlock the crystal case that contains the treasure.

As the actors of the Entente Cordiale knew how to unite the two countries, the reconstituted key will bring the golden box back to life, an immortal symbol of a rediscovered peace. Now it's up to you...

The treasure

As a sign of good faith, a Gold Box is offered to France by England. A historical treasure, the value of which is estimated by an expert at 750 thousand euros, now on display at the Lingot d'Art Museum in Rochefort (France).

This box was passed down from generation to generation by the Loubet family until it resurfaced at an auction in 2017.


Message from Michel Becker, the creator

"When I saw the golden box, I couldn't resist, I had to dive back into it!"

Michael Becker